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Who are Tough Kids?

Most of us can recognize Tough Kids. They may hurt others. They are often disruptive and frequently do not learn easily. Tough Kids may not be well liked. They come with a plethora of labels such as behavior disordered, seriously emotionally disturbed, at-risk, conduct disordered, antisocial, bipolar disordered, and attention deficit disodered. Though the names may be different, these students have common traits and behaviors that challenge parents and educators. Read More

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What do you do when a kid looks you straight in the eye and absolutely refuses to comply with your request? Maybe he calls you names, or throws a tantrum, or becomes withdrawn. The Tough Kid Series is a comprehensive library of practical, research-based strategies that help you deal with a range of behavioral issues. learn more

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Teach and motivate students with autism spectrum disorderss. Combine evidence-based instruction with fun. Teach 17 essential social skills to mastery! The new Superheroes Social Skills, from Dr. Bill Jenson and colleagues, uses Fast-Hands Animation, Peer Modeling, and Comics to engage kids every step of the way. check it out

Stop bullying! With The Tough Kid
Bully Blockers Book & Bully Blocker Shorts DVD

Watch a fast-hands clip from Bully Blocker Shorts.

Watch a fast-hands
clip (3 min) from Bully
Blocker Shorts!

25% of all kids admit to bullying others.

Did you know that 25% of kids admit to bullying others? And researchers think the number is likely much higher! The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Program

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